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The Park San Jose Rules

  • Masks are to be worn at all times indoors, and when off the field

  • No warming up outside of the playing fields

  • No Food or Drink on the playing surface except water


  • No Alcohol is permitted outside of the facility


  • NO FIGHTING: if you fight, you will be removed from the facility and not allowed to return (LIFETIME BAN)

  • No chewing of gum is allowed in the facility

  • No outside food or drinks except water

  • No Alcohol is permitted outside of the facility (No tailgating)

  • No running

  • No pulling on the netting

  • No climbing on the goals or playing structure

  • No cursing at players or referees

  • If you are inebriated before entering The Park, you will not be allowed to enter

  • If you get inebriated while in The Park, you will be asked to leave

  • Parents, please keep an eye on your children

  • Please be mindful when watching a game field side as balls can hit you through the netting

  • No warming up outside of the fields

  • Please keep your hands and fingers away from all doors, as they are heavy and cause bodily injury

  • When entering and exiting the field please be cautious of the door(s)

  • No kicking balls against walls or other structures

  • Games will be played rain or shine (games will be rescheduled in the case of extreme weather at the determination of The Park)

If you have any questions about any of our rules please contact us at or (408)915-0018

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